Active Robotics

What sets the TSolution One® Total Knee Application apart is its fully automated ability to prepare bone with sub-millimeter dimensional accuracy1 under surgeon supervision following a personalized pre-surgical plan. Not all robotic surgical systems are the same. The TSolution One® is the only active robotic system for orthopedic surgery. The system aids surgeons in executing their preoperative plans with precise control, performing active hands-free cutting of the bone. Other surgical systems merely guide the surgeon.

Unique Advantages

The TSolution One system features:

  • Personalized pre-surgical plans
  • Surgeon’s choice of implants
  • Open platform surgical system for increased options
  • Sub-millimeter dimensional accuracy1
  • Elimination of less accurate templates and jig-based technology
  • Non-optical technology
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From the Surgeon’s Perspective

I was involved in the development of several surgical orthopedic robots. But, I believe that the TSolution One® Total Knee Application by THINK Surgical, Inc is truly unique because it’s the only robot on the market that provides fully automated preparation of the bone. Not only does the system allow me to create a customized surgical plan for each patient, the accuracy and precision of the active robot prepares the joint according to my plan for the precise placement of implants. In addition, the open implant platform allows me the freedom to select the implant that I feel is the best option for each patient.
Stefan W. Kreuzer, MD INOV8 Orthopedics – Houston, Texas

This technology brings the precision and accuracy found in the engineering world into the operating room. It allows the surgeon to more accurately plan and perform joint replacement surgery.
William L. Bargar, MD Sacramento, CA

The TSolution One Total Knee Application is the most sophisticated and accurate surgical tool I have used in more than 30 years of a total joint replacement practice. This active robot system will lead the way to standardizing common arthroplasty procedures, replacing mechanical instruments, such as reamers and saw blades – while enhancing the accuracy of our reconstructions.
Bernard N. Stulberg, MD Cleveland, OH

One of the main features that distinguishes the THINK Surgical Total Knee Application for me is that it’s an active robot system. As opposed to other systems which direct the cuts made by the surgeon, the THINK Surgical system itself executes the bone cuts according to the surgeon’s preoperative plan and precisely to the patient’s anatomy and to the chosen implant.
Yair D. Kissin, MD Hackensack, NJ


1 Data on file.

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