Human movement is our driving force. THINK Surgical®, Inc. is dedicated to advancing total joint replacement. The accuracy, efficiency, consistency, and safety of our Active Robot technology takes orthopedic surgery further and helps put patients into motion. TSolution One® Total Knee Application has improved the lives of many patients with this revolutionary treatment.
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THINK Surgical assists your surgeon with your joint replacement

Optimized Surgical Plan

You are one of a kind. You need one-of-a-kind surgery. There are many things to consider when your surgeon plans a personalized joint replacement procedure: your unique physical structure, bone density, activity level, the ideal implant type and fit, and more. Using THINK Surgical technology, your surgeon gets an up-close, 3D view of those details to design a surgical plan tailor-made for you.

Planning Your Procedure in 3D

With the TSolution One® 3D-Planning Workstation, your surgeon creates a custom surgical plan in advance, just for you. Before performing your joint replacement, your surgeon uses a revolutionary surgical planning workstation to view and manipulate a 3D model of your CT scan, and compare the prospective results of different surgical options. With sophisticated pre-planning, your surgeon selects an ideal implant and defines the optimal implant placement and alignment based on your unique anatomy.

Computer-Assisted Surgical Precision

In the operating room, the computer-assisted tool brings surgical precision to the task of removing damaged bone and preparing your joint surface to fit an implant. Once the prep work is done, your surgeon completes the surgery by placing and confirming proper function of the pre-selected implant.

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