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Above all, a THINK Surgical robotic procedure is all about you

THINK Surgical robots empower surgeon choice, which allows them to cater to each individual patient. Unlike other systems, which remain limited to the robot manufacturer’s own implants, THINK Surgical robots support a variety of implants enabled by ID-HUB™. This growing proprietary databank of partner implants offers freedom for your surgeon to choose an implant based on your individual patient needs.

You deserve to have confidence in your procedure. Many other implant procedures are guided by standard X-ray imaging, but your THINK Surgical robotic procedure makes use of highly accurate anatomical CT scans throughout the planning phase and the operation itself. Surgical precision is at the heart of your recovery.

It’s your knee, your procedure and your choice. Above all, a THINK Surgical procedure is all about you.

Choosing a Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) with TMINI

Learn about TKA with TMINI

  • Debilitating pain, stiffness and swelling can result from damage to the bones and cartilage in the knee. This damage is commonly called arthritis.
  • When a knee is severely affected by arthritis, and/or conservative treatments have not been successful, a total knee replacement might be the recommended course of treatment.
  • During a total knee operation, a surgeon removes the arthritic bone and damaged cartilage from the knee and replaces them with implants to restore the function of the knee.
  • The TMINI™ Miniature Robotic System includes a miniature, handheld, wireless robotic handpiece designed specifically to aide accurate and precise implant placement.
  • The TMINI System works with and under the complete control of your surgeon.

Please note: this video presents an animated representation of a surgical procedure

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Your THINK Surgical robotic procedure

A quick overview of your THINK Surgical operation

  • By the time of your operation, you and your surgeon will have chosen the implant that’s right for you – and now your THINK Surgical procedure helps aide the surgeon’s precise implant placement.
  • Planning begins and is based on an anatomically accurate CT scan taken of your knee.
  • Accuracy during implantation supports the whole recovery experience.
  • From the consultation to the operation and on to the recovery, a THINK Surgical procedure remains focused on you and your needs.
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