THINK Surgical, Inc., an innovator in the field of orthopedic robotic surgery, announced that St. Vincent Charity Medical Center in Cleveland is among the first healthcare facilities in the United States and the first healthcare facility in Ohio to utilize the second-generation TSolution One® Total Knee Application for total knee arthroplasty (TKA). Bernard Stulberg, M.D., a renowned orthopedic surgeon, performed the first procedure with the new system on August 27th.  THINK’s TSolution One is the only robot system for TKA that supports an open implant library, giving surgeons a choice of implants from different manufacturers, facilitating greater patient customization.

Bernard Stulberg, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center’s Spine and Orthopedic Institute recently performed the first procedure with THINK Surgical’s TSolution One® Total Knee Application at the hospital’s Robotic Joint Center. St. Vincent Charity Medical Center in Cleveland is among the first healthcare facilities in the United States and the first healthcare facility in Ohio to utilize the second-generation TSolution One for TKA.


“One of the major benefits of the TSolution One system is that it gives surgeons the ability to customize every patient’s procedure more than ever before,” said Dr. Stulberg*.  “While other robotic-assisted devices on the market only work with implants from a single manufacturer, this system allows surgeons to select implants from a variety of manufacturers depending on the individual needs of each patient.  The accuracy provided by the robot while preparing the bone for the joint implant helps to ensure precise implant placement, which may improve patient mobility and longevity of the construct. It’s undoubtedly a game-changer for total knee replacement procedures.”

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center is a leading healthcare facility in Northeast Ohio and Dr. Stulberg is internationally recognized for his expertise in total hip and knee revision surgeries.  The first-generation TSolution One has been in use at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center since August of last year.  Recently, St. Vincent Charity Medical Center launched its Robotic Joint Center as part of its Spine and Orthopedic Institute.  The Center allows for knee replacement at the hospital’s downtown location and the Brainard Surgery Center in Lyndhurst.  THINK’s second-generation TSolution One system will be included in the innovative technology being offered to patients through the Center.

“After the dedication of substantial resources and time in the development of our newest system, THINK Surgical is delighted to be a part of the exciting launch of the Robotic Joint Center at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center,” said Stuart F. Simpson, president and CEO, THINK Surgical, Inc.  “I am incredibly proud of THINK’s employees.  Our newest system is directly facilitating THINK’s mission to deliver advanced robot technology to assist surgeons in providing optimal care for each patient.  Total knee replacement procedures are increasingly being performed in an outpatient setting, allowing patients the ability to recover in the comfort of their home.  The TSolution One is well aligned for use in outpatient settings like St. Vincent’s Robotic Joint Center.”

“St. Vincent Charity is committed to improving patient experience and outcomes through the use of technological advancements that enable us to deliver the highest quality care,” said Jan Murphy, MSN, RN, FACHE, president and CEO, St. Vincent Charity Medical Center.  “The addition of this next-generation TSolution One demonstrates our dedication to the future growth of the Robotic Joint Center and our commitment to accommodate the increasing demand for same-day joint replacement procedures.”

The TSolution One system consists of TPLAN®, a 3D pre-surgical planning workstation, and TCAT®, an active robot.  Pre-surgical planning allows the surgeon to design and prepare the patient’s personalized joint replacement surgical plan in a virtual environment. The active robot aids the surgeon in executing the preoperative surgical plan with precise, automated cutting and removal of the diseased bone and cartilage.  The TSolution One system helps surgeons to optimize joint implant placement based on each patient’s unique anatomy.