TSolution One® Total Knee Application

THINK Surgical® is transforming total knee arthroplasty (TKA) with the FDA cleared TSolution One® Total Knee Application. Fully automated bone preparation completed with accuracy and consistency can give surgeons new confidence that each personalized TKA procedure will be meticulously delivered according to plan.

Intelligent Teamwork


CT DICOM data of the patient’s affected joint is uploaded into the TPLAN® 3D Planning Workstation, which converts the data into a three-dimensional virtual bone model1.

STEP 2 –

The surgeon uses the TPLAN 3D Planning Workstation to view and position the 3D model of the patient’s bone and joint anatomy, select the ideal implant, and define the optimal placement and alignment.

STEP 3 –

The TCAT® active robot prepares the bone while the surgeon supervises the procedure, watching the monitor and cutting tool to ensure proper system operation.
The surgeon places the implant and finishes the procedure2.

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1 TPLAN® Instructions for Use. 2019.
2 TCAT® Instructions for Use. 2019.

News & Events

THINK Surgical Announces Collaboration with Definition Health

December 6th, 2022|

(FREMONT, CA) December 5, 2022 – THINK Surgical, a technology innovator developing orthopedic surgical robots, today announced a collaboration with UK based digital health company, Definition Health. The companies will jointly develop a seamless, web-based, connected care solution to enhance the surgical planning experience for surgeons using THINK’s robotic technologies for joint replacement surgery. This web-based solution will support all of THINK’s robotic products, including new product launches planned for 2023. In addition, this web-based solution will incorporate Definition Health’s Total Digital Surgery platform which assists hospitals and surgeons in achieving workflow efficiency, improved perioperative care and virtual follow up for surgical patients. Definition Health’s platform is widely deployed in the UK with customers reporting improved profitability for surgical service [...]

THINK Surgical Announces Experienced Commercial Leadership Team

November 16th, 2022|

(FREMONT, CA) November 14, 2022 - THINK Surgical, a technology innovator developing orthopedic surgical robots, today announced the implementation of a new, experienced commercial leadership team.  Following a recent successful financing round which will enable accelerated commercialization of several new products, THINK Surgical is excited to introduce the leadership team who will lead this effort. Under the direction of Chris Fronk, Chief Commercial Officer, the following team will be responsible for building out THINK Surgical’s sales and marketing capabilities. Nick Margree, Vice President Marketing - comes to THINK with 25+ years of sales and marketing experience in the medical device industry. Mr. Margree has extensive experience in general management and brand strategy for robotic, digital, and consumable technologies within the [...]

THINK Surgical Raises $100 Million to Accelerate Commercialization of Robotic Surgery Products

November 7th, 2022|

(FREMONT, CA) October 26, 2022 - THINK Surgical, a technology innovator developing orthopedic surgical robots today announced that KDB Investment Global Healthcare of Korea, a new investor, has invested $100M in the company to enable a faster commercial launch of several new products.  This investment will allow THINK Surgical to bring new products to market which will offer a common planning solution across multiple robotic platforms along with a choice of implants from different manufacturers.  This investment will enable THINK Surgical to achieve its full potential as a leader in the orthopedic surgical robot space with a differentiated business model. THINK Surgical is committed to advancing robotic systems for joint replacement surgery that feature an open implant library. This approach [...]

THINK Surgical and Curexo Announce Entry Into Development and Distribution Agreement

August 4th, 2022|

(FREMONT, CA) August 1, 2022 – THINK Surgical, Inc., an innovator in the field of orthopedic surgical robots, today announced its entry into a development and distribution agreement with Curexo, Inc., a medical robotics specialist company based in South Korea. THINK and Curexo have a strong working relationship based on historical development collaboration and Curexo distributes THINK’s TSolution One™ platform in Korea and Vietnam. Under the development and distribution agreement, THINK and Curexo will work together to include certain existing THINK technology and certain newly developed technology in Curexo’s CUVIS-Joint orthopedic surgical robot platform. THINK will have exclusive rights to distribute the CUVIS-Joint robotic platform, including the additional technology, in the United States and other countries, including the United Kingdom [...]

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