TSolution One® Surgical System

Improve patient outcomes

From the surgeon’s perspective

“This technology brings the precision and accuracy found in the engineering world into the operating room. It allows the surgeon to more accurately plan and perform joint replacement surgery.”

William L. Bargar, MD
Sacramento, CA

“TPLAN enables the surgeon to explore several surgical plan options without risk to the patient or expending valuable surgical time. The surgeon can move and rotate implant options and change implant size until he finds the best fit in three dimensions.”

Martin Boerner, MD

“I have gained a newfound confidence when using the TSolution One Surgical System. No more anxiety waiting for the PACS post-operative films- the results are just as planned every time.”

Danton Dungy, MD
Chandler, AZ

“One of the things that I’ve always liked about the THINK Surgical system is that it’s an active robotic system. Other systems are passive in that they guide the surgeon in performing the surgery. The THINK Surgical system will perform your preoperative plan on its own, under your guidance.”

Robert Jamieson, DO
Sacramento, CA

“The TSolution One Active Robotic system is the most sophisticated and accurate surgical tool I have used in more than 30 years of a total joint replacement practice. It will lead the way to replace mechanical instruments- including surgical saws and reamers, for common arthroplasty procedures, while enhancing the accuracy of our reconstructions.”

Bernard N. Stulberg, MD
Cleveland, OH

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